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About Far Resin

All sets and conversion Kits are 1/48th scale and crafted by hand. All parts are pressure cast and are free of air bubbles. If you get a part(s) that has air bubbles in the part and not the casting block, I'll send you a replacement free of charge. Far Resin is a one man operation. So went I run out of sets, it will take some time to re-cast new sets. Please be patient.

Difficult Levels

Not all sets are easy but for the most part, I try to make the sets be as easy as possible. There are 5 levels of difficulty, 1 being the easiest and 5 the hardest. My goal is to keep everything I make a level 1 or 2. I do have one level 3 set, the Shorty AGM-84L. This is due to the placement of the fins.

1. Easy 

2. Moderate

3. Challenging

4. Stressful

5 .What the Hell! Why on Earth would you do that!

Instruction Sheets

All Far Resin instruction sheet are digital. This is due to cost. I don't want to drive prices up due to the cost of paper and ink. I placed links to the instructions in each of the sets description. Just click on the link, then right click save as. TADA! Please review the instruction of your set carefully before starting. Pay attention to where to cut the part off its casting block, the placement of the parts as well as how they are aligned. The paint guides are just a suggestion; these are What-If products. Paint them however you like and by all means, have Fun!